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sherry shriner death

Sherry Shriner and Steven Mineo’s Death

Sherry Shriner’s cult turned against her, and why she was killed. Learn about Shriner’s relationship with Steven Mineo, her beliefs about reptilian clowns, and more. Then, get to know her story. You’ll be surprised to find out how she became a victim of her own cult. After you finish reading this article, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether or not to follow in her footsteps.

Sherry Shriner’s Cult Turned Against Her

The Shriners’ doctrine is a bizarre combination of religion and conspiracy theory. They believe that reptilian aliens are taking over the world and only followers of Yahuah, or “Yah-sheem,” will get to heaven. They also claim that the only way to defeat these aliens is to use a substance known as orgone.

Sadly, Kelly Pingilley was a member of the cult when she died from a drug overdose in early 2018.

Her beliefs are even more bizarre than her alleged alien contacts. In her self-published books, Shriner claimed to have had conversations with Lucifer. She further twisted popular conspiracy theories to fit her bizarre ideas. She also claimed that the lizards in her dreams were actually murdering people. Her followers included celebrities like Steven Mineo and Barbara Rogers, who allegedly posted photos of themselves eating steak tartare on Facebook.

Barbara Rogers’ alleged involvement in the murder of Stephen Mineo was inspired by the cult’s beliefs. The cult was founded by a woman named Sherry Shriner, who believes in extraterrestrials and the end of the world. Barbara Rogers, who had met Stephen Mineo at a cult meeting, told the prosecutors that Mineo had “put a gun to his head,” but she allegedly could have prevented this from happening.

Sherry Shriner’s Relationship With Steven Mineo

The court case over Sherry Shriner and Steven Mineo’s death was a controversial one. It involved the death of a man who was allegedly a member of a cult. In the aftermath of the case, Shriner’s followers claimed that Mineo was the perpetrator. They said that Shriner had influenced Mineo to commit suicide. Mineo, who believed that he would go to hell if he committed suicide, begged Rogers to shoot him. After many attempts, Rogers finally called the police.

Despite her claims, Rogers told the police that he shot Mineo when he was sitting. He believed Shriner was a reptilian. But after becoming friends with the woman in 2010, Shriner says that she and Mineo had a falling out, which led to the murder of Mineo. Sherry Shriner’s death, however, has raised questions about the true nature of her relationship with Mineo.

Sherry Shriner’s life is fascinating and complicated. Sherry Shriner became a cult leader on Facebook and attracted a large following. She was educated and a journalist, earning a bachelor’s degree in political science. Sherry Shriner and Steven Mineo were also members of a radical Christian community called eschatologists. They believe that sentient reptiles from outer space are trying to install a world government, which would eventually lead to the Antichrist.

Sherry Shriner’s Postpartum Depression

Her son’s postpartum depression and death have been the subject of countless conspiracy theories. Sherry Shriner is a native of Cleveland, Ohio. Born under the star sign of Sagittarius, she was raised in a god-fairing family. She attended Sunday school regularly and went on to attend Liberty Baptist school in Lynchburg, Virginia. Although she was an active member of the church, Shriner felt haunted by the negative energy around her.

Her Cult’s Beliefs About Reptilian Clowns

The leader of an alien reptilian cult, Sherry Shriner, is a woman who has become a worldwide celebrity for her misinterpretation of the Book of Revelation. She believes that Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth II are shape-shifting reptilians, and is the high prophet of god. As a result, she protects her followers from reptilian clowns. But the truth behind her belief is far more complicated.

Sherry Shriner is a native of Cleveland, Ohio. She studied journalism at Kent State University and graduated with three different degrees in the field. She moved to Washington D.C. to find work in the political media, but ended up returning to her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Her cult has many adherents in a variety of countries, including Mexico and South Africa.

While the cult is widely believed to be harmless, some believers believe the cult practices a dangerous and obscene agenda. One Shrinerite has even called a clown a vampire-witch. The video of this cult’s beliefs is disturbing enough that a skeptic should read the full details of the cult before becoming involved.

Her Book

The book is titled Death is a ‘Cure’ and it’s a myth that people are doomed to die, but this is not necessarily the case. Shriner’s message is based on a misunderstanding of the science of death. This belief is a result of a belief in orgone energy, or the universal life force. Founder and president of the organization, Shriner, died in a federal prison in 1957 after ignoring a court order not to sell “orgone shooters” (allegedly diluting orgone energy). His followers blamed oversaturated orgone energy for a wide range of ailments and diseases.

Sherry Shriner was an author, cult leader, and self-proclaimed messager of the highest God. She was born in 1965 in Cleveland, Ohio, and her family is not known publicly. However, her children claim to have had conversations with the devil, and the cult was based on the belief that the devil has a strong grip on human life. The Shriners’ family background is somewhat mysterious – they have no apparent relatives.

sherry shriner death

Despite the fact that Shriner’s story has garnered a lot of attention, there is little evidence that it is a hoax. The cult has been criticized for its bizarre beliefs, but it was the cult’s twisted message that attracted followers. This book outlines the story of the cult’s leaders and their followers. Despite the fact that it’s a hoax, Dragged Into the Light does have some worth considering.

Her Documentary

A documentary made by investigative journalist Tony Russo in 2013 about Sherry Shriner’s death has been making the rounds on YouTube. The video features an antiquated graphic design, rapid-fire voiceover, and Shriner’s trademark raspy voice. Despite Shriner’s seemingly impeccable knowledge of Old Testament scripture, her film reveals an extremely unprofessional approach to cults and death.

Sherry Shriner is a self-described messager of the highest god, who was born in 1965 in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1990, she graduated from Kent State University, the same university where the National Guard shot four unarmed students protesting the Vietnam War. Shriner had no family, no formal education, and no professional experience. While she was undoubtedly loved by those around her, there is no evidence that would suggest otherwise.

The documentary is not a full-blown investigation of the cult, but it does offer some interesting details. Although it does not go into the nitty-gritty of the murder, it does explore the role of the U.S. government and its Montauk Project. It’s worth seeing whether you believe the documentary’s claim about Sherry’s death or not. There are plenty of conspiracy theories out there, but it’s still difficult to believe in any of them.

Despite the fact that the conspiracy theories of Sherry Shriner have a great following on the internet, the documentary also provides new evidence. The first part of the documentary, titled “The Devil You Know,” highlights her role in the death of a man and woman in a cult. After the film’s premiere, it will go on to show that she was an influential figure in the cult, and even a part of it.

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