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How to Use Brightspace Purdue to Engage Parents and Students

One of the most significant benefits of Brightspace is the ability to communicate directly with parents. Most parents never get back to them, but using an online platform like Brightspace can bridge the gap. It is possible to add advanced content to your gadget, so that you can reach every student in your class. This tool helps you customize your classroom to meet your specific needs, and you can even create advanced content to send home with your students. Here are some ways you can use Brightspace to engage parents and students.


When you want to access your account dashboard on Brightspace Mypurdue, you will need to have an internet connection. Logging in will require you to provide your username and password. Once you have entered these details, click on the login button. You will then see a message stating that you have successfully logged in. This can be helpful for those who aren’t sure where they’re supposed to log in.

Although Brightspace Mypurdue won’t send you emails or course updates automatically, you can sign up to receive them. To subscribe to notifications, go to the Settings section of Brightspace Mypurdue and select which email address you want to receive notifications from. The best choice is your Purdue email. You can also register your cell phone number. You can then choose the course elements that you want to be notified about.

Discussion Boards

The discussion boards at Brightspace Purdue allow you to post and reply to messages. The

Discussions tab contains a “Reply to Thread” option to respond to messages to specific posts. Depending on your preferences, you can also type and add files to the conversation. These options are available for students and instructors. While you can post and respond to messages on other Brightspace Purdue pages, you must register to post and reply to threads.

When participating in a discussion board, students should remain on topic and post relevant comments and questions. Students are encouraged to use a polite tone in their posts and read the other participants’ responses. The discussion boards can be accessed via the Discussions tab on the main menu. After you’ve signed up, you can browse the discussion boards. You can also create a personalized dashboard for each course to stay on top of your academic workload.


The Brightspace student portal allows students to upload videos to their courses. These videos are visible to the instructor, other students, and anyone with access to the discussion board. Students can opt-out of email notifications in Brightspace, and they can add a mobile phone number for updates and alerts. The student can also customize their email settings. After logging into Brightspace, students can select what notifications they want to receive, and which emails they would like to receive.

Once students have logged into Brightspace, they can begin submitting their video assignments. To do so, simply click on the name of the assignment or discussion in the appropriate module. Then, click the Insert Stuff button in the submission area and select Media Upload from the dropdown list. Once students have uploaded their videos, they will see an option to save them to their Brightspace account. Brightspace does not automatically send email updates and notifications, but students can manually sign up for notifications by entering their email address.


The first step in using Rubrics for Brightspace Purdue is to locate the assignment you’re working on. You’ll need to find the course that includes this assignment. Once there, click on

Discussions. Once there, select the rubric that corresponds to the assignment. This will display any feedback and graded submissions. You can also choose to view this feedback by clicking on the “Read” or “Unread” buttons.

To make your rubrics visible or hidden, click on the plus (+) button and then select the check box next to each criteria. You can also edit each level or criterion by clicking on the corresponding boxes. Different criteria groups can assess different aspects of an assignment and include different point values. Once you’ve finished setting up your rubric, you can see the overall score of the assignment. You can use this to check if the assignment has been graded correctly.

Email Notifications

If you’d like to receive email notifications when your course posts updates, you can do so from within Brightspace Purdue. You can customize your notifications to get email or text messages sent to your preferred address. If you don’t use an email account, you can register your cell phone number for notifications. Changing your email address or mobile number is easy; simply log in and click the “Notifications” button at the top-right corner.

The benefits of Brightspace Purdue go beyond making your life easier for teachers. Teachers can create content students can reuse and return to again. Many students don’t understand the content they learn in school. Having the ability to revisit the content they uploaded is an excellent way to create a more personal relationship between teacher and student. Brightspace Purdue allows teachers to make class assignments, provide instruction and complete other series of tasks more effectively and efficiently.

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